Web Development


Our Web Design Service includes creating your website with the design concept of your choice. You can choose a Premium Website Template, or have us create your own special custom designed site. A Request Form will help us prepare a design that suits your needs.

Premium Templates

We will assist you in providing the relevant choices of templates which have been developed professionally and are up-to-date. The choice will depend upon the purpose of the site, which will influence the layout and feel of a site. For example is it for marketing a product, is it for education, to enhance a Social or religious work.

Custom Design

Possibly you have a specific layout and concept for your website that will serve your situation. This will require more time for completion, however we are ready to create your website from the beginning according to your needs.

Logo Design

Not only is it important for the website to appear attractive and interesting, your logo also is a key aspect of your site. Because of that, we provide a Logo Design service to assist you.

Other Things to Consider in Design

You may suddenly realise in the Request Form how many aspects there are in Designing your website. Some of these include:

  • Graphics: Do you have your own images that you are authorised to use.
  • Do you have a “Tag Line,” that is a catch phrase that reflects who you are.
  • Have you considered a Menu for your website?


A website may appear great, but it only has benefit if everything can function correctly. This part of the Web Development is where your work becomes less, and our work increases. If you have online shopping, downloads, and online forms, correct programming will enable all these to function well.

A part of the this stage is testing that everything works well once the programming has been completed, including ensuring there are no broken links. From there, it is about time to launch!

Web Maintenance

We ensure that your data is stored on a server with trusted companies. However once your website is fully operational and you are able to manage your data with a reliable Content Management System (CMS), you may desire to utilise an ongoing Maintenance Service.

Some of these services could include:

  • Backup and Restore files & database (on and off-server)
  • Layout Adjustments
  • Security protection for your website
  • Plugin & Theme updates
  • Social Media integration
  • Reports: Site performance and visitor analysis

We offer these services for a very competitive price, giving you the peace of mind that when maintenance is needed, you have a ready solution.